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Review: Best Ankle Braces to Buy in 2022 - Say Goodbye to Ankle Pain and Ankle Injuries

David Jones, Contributor Updated: Aug 9th, 2022

The ankle brace has saved many people from enduring terrible ankle pain and sprains for many years. As a popular preventive tool against twisted, broken ankles and swollen ankle muscles, the ankle brace has become the most trusted item of athletes, workers, the elderly, and anyone trying to combat ankle pains. 

Ankle braces are very simple, and many people think choosing one is easy. Unfortunately, not all ankle braces are created equal, and some options that you think might work for you actually won’t. 

As avid users of ankle braces, we know the frustrations of wearing an ankle brace that doesn’t deliver what we need. 

To save you - ankle brace users - from the same frustrations, we decided to hop on a review with the help of physical therapists and actual ankle brace users. 

How We Decided

Filtering through more than twenty of the most popular ankle braces in the market, we could identify the top qualities that make ankle braces great. The best ankle braces must have the following: 

  • Better strap grip
  • Improved ankle support 
  • Breathable material
  • High-quality material that improves the stability of the ankle brace’s support. 
  • Multipurpose design

Out of all the ankle braces we reviewed, these three products stood out. 

“I just love how effective the SplitzSport is in giving me relief from feet numbing and persistent ankle pain due to the nature of my work in the medical field. Whenever I wrap my feet with SplitzSport, I can feel my feet breathe relief! I don’t worry about my feeling discomfort because the SplitzSport is super comfy.” - Suzy, Nurse

The physical therapists in our review team consider SplitzSport an ankle brace that envelopes the feet with impeccable support without making you feel restricted or uncomfortable. 

The SplitzSport features a unique and innovative compression design that doesn’t use traditional, hard-rock splints. Instead, the SplitzSport uses a unique wrap pattern that targets the pressure spots and pain spots on ankles. You will feel supported but not restricted. 

The straps are impressive - they’re firm yet breathable, durable yet flexible. These straps hold onto your ankles like a glove - you won’t have to worry about the straps coming undone while you’re using the ankle brace. 

The overall design of the SplitzSport produces a unique decompression balance - the compression benefits are distributed all over the ankle. 

The SplitzSport is 100% easy to use. It’s also made with breathable, stretchable material. This ankle brace is flexible when it comes to sizing. 

This ankle brace can be used for multiple activities - athletes, workers with demanding jobs, and those dealing with ankle pain can use this. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




“The MesoMend gave the support that I’ve always wanted from an ankle brace - firm and stiff. I love how it really pushes my foot back to that right position - I feel better from my ankle pains after a day or two.” - Marcus, gym instructor.

The MesoMend comes with a combination of durable straps and splints that hold the ankle firmly. The overall design of the MesoMend aims to give the feet structured support so they can follow an ideal form. When the foot achieves the ideal form, circulation is improved, and pain is removed. 

The MesoMend also comes with rigid stabilizers that provide stability and support for the prevention of injuries. This ankle brace hits two purposes - pain prevention and healing ankle injuries. 

Despite the firm support from the MesoMend - one you can consider better than the rest - it doesn’t come off as uncomfortable. In fact, you can wear it the whole day and you won’t even feel it. 

You can use the MesoMend for all ankle issues - plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, foot arch pain, tendonitis, swelling, and injuries from sports. 

Thanks to its flexible design, both men and women can use this. 

The MesoMend is 100% easy to use. If you’re not a fan of wrapping, or braces that require you to tie several ends, the MesoMend is the best choice. 

Key Features



"Very Great"

“I love how easy to use TraxxStep is! I simply slip it in, and it does it job - no more straps, no more stiff splints. If you’re looking for comfort in an ankle brace, you will love TraxxStep!” - Stephen, Teacher

If you are not a fan of ankle wraps or strapped ankle braces, our recommendation - and the favorite of the review team - is the TraxxStep. 

TraxxStep looks like your regular straps, but it comes with compression benefits and support equivalent to ankle braces with straps and a wrapped design. 

Among all the products we reviewed, we noticed that the TraxxStep is the easiest to wear, the most comfortable for all-day use, and the most breathable, lightweight ankle brace. 

The TraxxStep features medium brace thickness - enough to provide support for the ankles without discomfort. 

Another plus of the TraxxStep is that it can be worn like a regular sock. 

The ankle brace does not just come with snug compression for relieving the pain off our ankles, but it also promotes better blood circulation. Those who have used this noticed that the numb sensation after standing the whole day has disappeared. 

The TraxxStep is multipurpose - it’s great for office use, it’s perfect as a gym sock and as an ankle support for action sports. 

Key Features



"Very Good"

The Rundown

Ankle braces can do wonders to the feet - it removes ankle pain that keeps us from working out, going around, and exploring! 

Don’t let ankle pain stop you from achieving your best. You need an anke brace that combines the three - comfort, ultimate stability and support, and convenience. 

We guarantee you that the three products here are tested, tried, and guaranteed to deliver impressive ankle braces benefits. Check them out now.