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Top 3 Best Fetal Dopplers for 2022

Diane Woods, Contributor​ Updated: Jan 8th, 2022

Fetal dopplers used to only be found in clinics and in the doctor’s office. However, these devices have become more accessible giving expecting parents the opportunity to hear their baby’s heartbeat more often.

To hear an unborn baby’s heartbeat is an especially comforting thing for parents. Unlike before where parents need to go to clinics to have their baby’s heartbeat checked, fetal dopplers now allow monitoring the fetus’ health to be done even at home. These dopplers significantly reduce the time for travel and lining up in hospitals.

Fetal dopplers use ultrasound waves to detect the heartbeat of the fetus. A healthy heartbeat ranging from 120 to 160 beats per minute indicates that the baby is growing in a healthy manner. Using the heartbeat as a basis, parents can also get the signal when to rush to the emergency rooms.

While most professionals recommend fetal kicks as the basis for the health of the unborn baby, moms can still count on a fetal doppler to give them extra assurance that their baby is doing well. This review understands that moms want what’s best for their pregnancy journey. We gathered the best fetal dopplers based on their reliability, affordability, and accuracy of heart rate based on actual tests conducted on pregnant women.

1. Best Overall: BubHello Fetal Doppler for Home and Clinic Use

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is like making a connection to someone you know you will love for the rest of your life. Eventually, listening to a baby’s heartbeat becomes a reassuring habit for parents who are yet to meet their child. This is why BubHello is a highly recommended fetal doppler. It is highly-sensitive. It gives out accurate results. It has a loud, clear sound, and it can be used anytime, anywhere.

The BubHello is not just a charming, pretty fetal doppler - it’s a high-quality device that can make you listen to your baby’s booming heart by 13 weeks. You can use this multiple times - it is radiation-free so it’s safe for both mom and baby. Compared to the dopplers used in clinics and hospitals, the BubHello has a radiation level lower than the recommended safety level so it’s actually safer!

If you want a safe, reliable, easy to use doppler, BubHello is a great option.

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2. InfantaBeat Fetal Doppler for at Home and Hospital Use

InfantaBeat takes the roster when it comes to precision and reliability. This fetal doppler features a 3M Probe technology that highlights ultra-accurate measurements of fetal heartbeat throughout the entire pregnancy.

The InfantaBeat fetal doppler incorporates a high-sensitive sensor that will help expecting mothers and fathers find the heartbeat quickly. For anyone who is looking for an easy to use fetal doppler that will not give out inconsistent results, InfantaBeat is a top choice.

Parents can start using the InfataBeat as early as 14 weeks. It comes with an adjustable volume so parents can enjoy the sounds as clearly as they want. Listen from morning to night - anytime is possible.

The doppler is powered by batteries - it enables wireless operation which allows parents to bring this doppler anywhere!

This fetal doppler is non-evasive and noise-free. This device brings a relaxing sound to you and your baby. Thanks to its easy-to-use features, both mom and dad can listen and bond with the baby as often as they like.

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3. Pocket Knock Fetal Doppler

When it comes to a doppler that can monitor heartbeat as early as 12 weeks, nothing beats the PocketKnock. This unique doppler is created with ultra-sensitive technology that allows pregnancy self-check even at home. Unlike other fetal dopplers, the PocketKnock is created with hospital-grade features which makes it a highly-recommended fetal doppler for doctors and health professionals alike.

The PocketKnock also comes with a recording feature that makes it possible for parents to record their unborn baby’s heartbeats. It’s a great way to keep memories of one’s pregnancy! One of the doppler’s best features is its high-quality speakers - parents can listen to the sound of their baby’s heartbeats without straining themselves.

The PocketKnock is the device that works great for both home care and professional use.

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The Conclusion

Connect with your unborn baby anytime you want with these highly recommended fetal dopplers. Say goodbye to endless worrying, and wondering if your baby is still safe and thriving. These fetal dopplers are highly recommended for those who are either having a sensitive pregnancy, or having a very anxiety-filled pregnancy journey. You don’t need to stay in the dark and wonder all the time - the sound of your child’s heartbeat can give you that reassuring sound that will give you peace of mind.

Before purchasing any doppler, you can consult your OB-Gyn for recommendations. If you have a pregnancy with special concerns, it’s best to consult your doctor so you can know if getting a doppler will help you or not.

Overall, a doppler is a crucial device for every pregnant woman. The ones listed above are proven and tested to give you the assurance that you need to make your pregnancy experience a smooth one.

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