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2022 Ultimate Review on the Top 3 Best Back Massagers

Diane Woods, Contributor​ Updated: Jan 8th, 2022

After the end of a long day, nothing beats the feeling of enjoying little moments for self-care. Although chilling and watching Netflix is one of the most tempting things to do, treating yourself to a massage is one of the best things you can do for yourself. But there’s one problem - not everyone has the money or the time to personally go to a spa center and get a good back massage. In a perfect world, a daily back massage session at the spa would be so good. However, if you’re pressed for time and budget is an issue, you can rely on high-quality electric back massagers!

An electric back massage device is a popular device that can give you a good back massage, and relieve your exhausting back pain anytime, anywhere -- without breaking your bank. Back massagers come with multiple controls that help you get that massage service you desperately need.

Get the daily massage you deserve - here are the best back massagers we personally tried and tested that can give you the daily massage you need without rushing to the spa.

SaviTouch is a back massager that’s multi-purpose. You can use it for your feet, chest, and back. It’s a low-maintenance massager that you can operate all by yourself.

The unique feature of the SaviTouch is in how it is used. The design of this back massager almost looks like a car seatbelt. It comes with a strap where you can rest your head, and two additional straps which can give you control over the intensity of the massage you want to have.

You can use it while you’re in the car, or when you’re watching TV! Thanks to its portable design, you can carry the SaviTouch with you anywhere you want.

The SaviTouch is our favorite when it comes to ease of use and convenience.

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If you’re an office person, there’s a high chance that sitting all day can take a toll on your back. By the end of the day, your lower back might be screaming “I need a break!” The MuskaSage back massager allows you to enjoy a nice, invigorating massage without you having to leave your seat.

The MuskaSage is like a butterfly pillow you can place on any chair. It’s so ergonomic, that you can get a good massage even while you’re making a report, or if you’re in a meeting. Simply turn on the massager and it will soothe your backaches using its 4 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage modes.

The MuskaSage also comes with a soothing/ heating function to increase muscle relaxation and muscle recovery.

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The VizioPress is just like your traditional handheld electric back massager -- made more powerful. This cordless back massager comes with 6 modes to help you determine the intensity that would help you feel relieved and relaxed.

What we love about the VizioPress is its interchangeable head feature. The device comes with 6 nozzles - you get one nozzle for the head, and another one for the feet, and for the neck, leg, thigh, and ankle! The advanced technology of VizioPress also promotes deep muscle penetration in every massage.

This easy to use handheld back massager makes it possible for you to enjoy a good massage even if you’re watching tv, looking after the kids, or scrolling Facebook.

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The Conclusion

All work and no rest makes you an irritable worker, mom, friend, and sibling. A single massage from these massagers can alleviate the heaviness of your muscles, and can promote better thinking, better posture, and lesser muscle discomfort.

If you love a good massage at home, these best back massages must be on your wish list!