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The Top 3 Best Hip Braces in 2023 for Hip, Sciatica, Lower Back Pain (Physical Therapists Approved!)

Diane Woods Updated: Jul 23rd, 2024

You’re probably here because you are on your third hip brace, and nothing seems to work. Perhaps you’re also here after looking for your first hip brace, hoping you won’t make a mistake and spend money on a product that does not deliver. 

Whatever your circumstances, we’re here to help you finally find that hip support brace to wrap the pain away. 

As a team with an active lifestyle, we, too, have felt the struggle of finding the perfect hip support bands. Finally, we teamed up with physical therapists to assist us in finding the hip braces that we - and you - can trust. 

Read on to learn more! 

How We Decided: What to Look For in a Hip Brace

For two weeks, we onboarded some of the best physical therapists in our state to thoroughly check our options. 

After several days of checking, we came up with the four best qualities to look for in a reliable, pain-relieving hip support brace. 

#1: Overall Support

We prioritized checking for the braces that support and target strained and pained muscles. We made sure that it can hold the back well, provide added stability to the hip and thigh area, and take the strain off the lower back. 

#2: The Design of the Hip Brace

We discovered that hip braces that come with wraps that go all the way to the thigh are more effective than products that only wrap the hips. The three products we included here are all wrap style. 

#3: Material

Neoprene and breathable fabrics are needed as hip braces can cause you to feel hot and uncomfortable. 

#4: Versatility

The hip support wrap of your choice should be adjustable and work for both thighs. 

Out of all the products we reviewed, these are the hip braces that stood out.

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Best Choice

Nine out of ten physical therapists agree that the AizoCell is the best hip brace among all that we have reviewed. 

AizoCell checked all the boxes on our list. 

The compression support is outstanding. While wearing the hip brace, we felt the compression hit the right spots. The brace also has added gentle pressure to prevent muscles from getting more strained. 

We love that the AizoCell has a three-strap design. We 100% felt that the support extends from the hip to the thighs. Support feels extra stable, too. 

When we tried the hip support brace on, we felt as if our muscles are held in place but we didn’t feel restricted and not able to move. 

The neoprene material is spot on! We didn’t feel discomfort, or heat, or that funky feeling you get when the leg inside the wrap starts to sweat. We were able to wear it under our clothes without issue. 

We were impressed at how this hip support brace fit all of us since we all come in different sizes! We were told the hip brace can fit up to 48” in waist size, and 28” in thigh size. 

✅ Maintenance-wise, we have confirmed that the AizoCell is easy to clean and dry. 

If you’re looking for versatility, pain relief without discomfort, and an ergonomic design that saves you from common hip pains like sciatica, lower back strain, groin sprains, and sport injuries, we recommend the AizoCell. 

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The LaCross is our top choice for anyone who is trying to rehabilitate from an injury. 

The LaCross hip brace comes with therapeutic neoprene that heats muscles, gives soothing compression, increases blood circulation, and speeds up recovery time. 

The fully-adjustable design stood out to us the most as it can cater to different sizes. 

The design of the LaCross is ideal for pain relief from sciatica, thigh, hamstring, quadriceps, hip adductor, hip flexor strains, hip bursitis, hip arthritis, hip labral tear, SI joint issues, and piriformis syndrome.

If you’re looking for firm stability and grip, the LaCross also delivers that, thanks to its adjustable design. 

We love how it firmly stays in place even with movement. You also don’t have to worry about getting sweaty and uncomfortable because the latex free neoprene makes the brace breathable. 

If you have an injury you need to heal from, and you still want to be active without harming your hips even more, we recommend the LaCross. 

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Our physical therapists call this hip brace the “ultimate wrap” which delivers both pain relief and muscle protection from strenuous activities. 

If you still need to work but want to make sure your lower back muscles won’t get injured, strained, or get in the way, our top recommendation is the MarkWrap. 

We love the wrap style of the MarkWrap. The wrap brace gave us the feeling of extra support and stability. 

The physical therapists in our team also pointed out that the MarkWrap came with one of the best lower back support designs. 

We are impressed at the extra feature of MarkWrap which helps target the bum for that extra lift. 

We also learned that the MarkWrap could also trim down cellulite around the thigh and bum area. 

The embossed design gives that extra pressure for muscle pain relief. 

If you’re a big workout fan and you want to move the body without the risk of adding more pain to the lower back or getting injury, we recommend the MarkWrap. 

The MarkWrap is made with adjustable neoprene-chlorine fiber that delivers that quality grip without the discomfort. 

If you are looking for a hip brace that provides support plus added health benefits, we recommend the MarkWrap!

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The Conclusion

Hip braces are life savers – especially to those who love moving and keeping themselves active. Of course, even those who aren’t athletes or fitness buffs can benefit from hip braces. Whether for healing an injury, or preventing one from happening, you can count on hip braces to get you covered. 

Check out our top recommendations above – even physical therapists gave their thumbs up to our best recommended products.