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Restful Pregnancy:Top 4 Best Pregnancy Pillows to Buy in 2022

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

You’re probably here because you’re pregnant and you had another taxing night of trying to fall asleep. Perhaps you are starting to notice that no matter what you do, it’s just hard to achieve that position that will give you rest. As the baby grows, your body will need additional support, too. However, regular pillows just don’t always do the job well.

As moms ourselves, we want to help women enjoy their pregnancy by achieving great sleep and the most complete rest. We believe a great pregnancy can be enjoyed with the best pregnancy pillows.

How We Decided

Pregnancy can be tough - that’s why we need pillows that are able to alleviate the pressures on the body. While we were in the process of deciding which pillows for pregnancy to recommend, we made sure to set a criteria.

The pregnancy support pillows we chose are expert-recommended and backed by Obstetricians.

We also considered the following factors when choosing the best pregnancy pillows:


We searched for prenatal pillows that offer the most optimum support to a pregnant body’s pressure points - the back, hips, legs, and sides. 


Pregnancy pillows can eventually be converted into a nursing support pillow. We made sure that the pillows we recommend will be gentle in the skin for you and your baby.


Shapes of pregnancy pillows can range from U-shaped ones to L-shaped options. We thoroughly researched on what is the best pregnancy pillow for different stages of pregnancy!

Out of all the products we’ve looked into, here are the top 4 best pregnancy pillows that stood out.

U-pillows are a big favorite of preggo moms because of their ability to support the front, the back, and the sides. It allows you to sleep or rest on any position you want, without hoarding a lot of pillows!

The MamaLows help you sleep better, rest better, and relieve stress from your pressure areas.

MamaLows is made of durable, skin-friendly materials so you can use it during and after your pregnancy!

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Don’t you sometimes wish your pillow could hug you to a T? We found out there’s actually a pregnancy pillow that engulfs your body so you can experience an over-all body support while you’re resting.

Introducing the ComfiDodo, a C-shaped full body pregnancy pillow that comes with an ergonomic design ideal for moms who are desperate for comfortable resting and sitting positions.

The ComfiDodo’s main feature is what can be found inside it. The ComfiDodo is filled with polyfill material known for its versatility in providing support no matter what position you choose to make. With the polyfill inside, you would feel as if the pillow “molds” into your body.

This special pillow can also be used as a post-natal, and breastfeeding pillow.

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"Very Good"

There’s something so relieving about lying face down. It seems as though it can immediately eliminate neck and back pain - two common problems during pregnancy. But choosing to lie face down can be a bit of a stretch during pregnancy. If you miss lying face down, we recommend the MommiLow inflatable pillow!

MommiLow is a top notch choice recommended by obstetricians for moms who would love to enjoy a face-down rest time.

The MommiLow features a hollow center which allows moms to have the luxury to lie on their stomachs. Doing so can help alleviate the mounting pressure and pain on their backs.

What we really love about the MommiLow is its impressive design that uses gravity to relieve discomfort from the back. The sturdy design supports the belly while you relax.

Thanks to its inflatable feature, you can use the MommiLow everywhere you go! The MommiLow is also an ideal option if you want to have some prenatal massage at home!

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Are you looking for a pillow that has it all? Are you trying to find a pregnancy support pillow that you can eventually use for breastfeeding? We recommend the Snuggy Mommy G-shaped pregnancy pillow.

When it comes to versatility, you can count on Snuggy Mommy. This all-around pregnancy pillow supports all kinds of resting positions to ensure you find comfort while you’re sitting down, lying flat, or resting sideways. The pillow’s edges are adjustable - a feature that allows you to get support and comfort whatever position you want to use.

The Snuggy Mommy is made of 100% cotton, ensuring you that the material is friendly on your and your baby’s skin.

The Snuggy Mommy can also come in handy even post pregnancy! Apart from converting it into a breastfeeding support pillow, you can also use it as a support pillow if you still feel pain on your back, sides, and hips.

If you’re looking for an all-around, full body pillow, we highly recommend the Snuggy Mommy.

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The Conclusion

Getting enough rest during pregnancy is critical to help you become ready for the arrival of your little bundle of joy! A well-rested mom-to-be is a happy mom-to-be!