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Top 3 Neck Braces to Buy in 2022 To Relieve Neck Pain and Correct Bad Posture

Diane Woods, Contributor​ Updated: Jun 8th, 2022

Though not often talked about, our necks play a vital role in our daily activities. Neck care is easy to forget, that’s why when it has already taken a beating, it will call our attention through stiffness and strain pain. 

There’s so much more that you can do than just “ride the pain” - and the best healing option is to go for neck braces with features that relax the muscles and eliminate the pain fast. 

Finding the best neck braces can be tough. To ensure that we only offer the most trusted recommendations, we got physical therapy experts and doctors on board to help us find the neck braces to help you with neck pain and posture issues. 

Read on for our top recommendations. 

How We Decided

Together with experts, we reviewed the most popular neck support devices in the market. We thoroughly checked and tested each device to make sure each has the following: 

An Adjustable Cervical Traction

Medical experts recommend that for neck braces to work, they should complement the form of our neck. We looked for neck braces with adjustable cervical traction that covers the cervical collar like a glove. 

Extra Features for Removing Neck Pain

To remove additional soreness, we looked for features such as heating pads that can assist in alleviating neck pain. 

Design That Won’t Feel Restrictive

We’re over neck braces that are too tight and too uncomfortable, so we looked for ones that still offer comfort. 

Multipurpose Neck Brace

The neck braces we chose are ideal for both pain assistance and posture correction. 

Out of all the neck braces we reviewed, these are the three that stood out. 

“My bad posture has consistently caused me extreme pain. I was looking for a neck support device that isn’t too bulky and I found FerxoLine. I love how it’s sleek and elegant, and still amazing in giving relief to my neck stress!” - Marcus, Store Manager

If your neck problem is caused by bad posture and pressure due to wrong neck positions, you will find relief with FerxoLine. 

FerxoLine is a neck brace with a cervical traction feature that has an ergonomic design that helps align the neck properly to promote better posture. 

This corrective neck brace comes with a stable chin holder that helps hold up your neck in the best position. The neck brace is completely adjustable. The chin holder is also cushioned to prevent discomfort. 

What we also love about the FerxoLine is its elegant look. Unlike bulky neck braces, the FerxoLine is lightweight. You can bring it anywhere, and wear it anytime. 

You can use it while you’re driving, typing on a computer, watching tv, or even when you’re walking! 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




“I hurt my neck pretty badly one time and I said to myself I won’t be wearing any neck brace unless it’s guaranteed comfortable. So glad I found AidaTop. I can literally feel my neck breathe a sigh of relief!” 

The AidaTop is neck support and comfort all over! The cervical traction comes with an inflatable design to reduce intra-discal pressure on the cervical spine. This one-size-fits-all neck brace comes with an innovative design to assist in the treatment of cervical neck pain. 

The back portion of the neck brace includes fixed points where the traction effect can target the pressure points that cause pain. 

The inflatable air bladder expands with the help of a unique air technology that distributes traction evenly and effectively - you will feel it relieve tension points on the neck after just one minute. 

The support frame provides overall stability to the chin and neck muscles and improves pressure on the chest and neck area. 

This is a great pick for both muscular and postural pain. 

Recommended Features



"Very Good"

“The most comfortable neck brace I’ve ever tried in my life. I love the overall neck support I am getting. The heating pads are a great bonus! It doesn’t come with any discomfort at all!” - Elisha, Nurse

There’s one good reason why AdjuxLieve is on top of our list - it’s designed by an actual medical expert. Just one look and you will see the ergonomic design of the AdjuxLieve. When you wear it, you will instantly feel how it molds into your neck and cervical collar like it targets the right spots. 

This neck brace also comes with adjustable features - the front knob adjusts the height of the neck brace, and the rear knob adjusts the tightness. This feature allows you to choose a setting that is most ideal and most comfortable. 

Thanks also to its adjustable cervical traction, this neck brace works for all sizes. 

The AdjuxLieve is great for any type of neck pain. It can assist the neck with minor injuries, stiffed neck muscles, neck strain, and bad neck posture. We also love how it feels amazing device that helps relax the neck after a long day! 

This neck brace also comes with heating pads that ramp up muscle healing. Even if you just use it for 30 minutes, you can feel the difference. Heating pads come with 3 adjustable heat levels. 

Recommended Features




The Conclusion

Neck pain should not be ignored, and should be solved quickly with an effective neck brace. Our top recommendations here were checked, tested, and approved by medical professionals. If you want relief from neck pain, and to prevent neck problems from bothering you frequently, check out the products we love listed above.