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Keep Your Baby Safe with These Top 5 Best Baby Monitor for 2022

Diane Woods, Contributor​ Updated: Feb 15th, 2022

Imagine this: leaving your baby out of your sight, without knowing what they’re doing because you need to get something done. Scary, isn’t it? In truth, this is what happens when well-meaning parents hurry to finish a task or a house chore - kids can be left unattended for a few minutes. Those few minutes - when unmonitored - can result in unimaginable incidents. This is why experts highly recommend baby monitors to help parents still be on the lookout for their babies even when they’re not in the same room.

Apart from providing more security and safety, baby monitors help parents do more. Some parents - because of fear - forego their to-do lists until the baby is asleep. However, there are also important chores that need to be done. A baby monitor allows parents to keep a sharp eye on their babies while they do other tasks.

In the world of parenting, baby monitors also come in handy when sleep training babies. These devices help parents feel assured that their babies are safe even when they’re not beside mom and dad.

Baby monitors are like an extra pair of eyes for parents. This is why for this review, we feature the most reliable, most trustworthy, and the best baby monitors and baby cameras that will keep babies safe, and parents happy.

As a new parent, caring for your baby is a 24/7 business. Due to this reason, parents need a 24/7 companion to “look” after the baby. The LovahSeif baby monitor comes with a night vision feature, a VOX feature for real time movement monitoring, and temperature sensor to help you check your baby’s room temperature every now and then.

The LovahSeif also includes a two-way talk tool that allows mom and dad to talk to baby even if the child is in a different room. Playing the lullaby even from a distance is also possible. Babies will feel extra confident even if the parents are not near.

LovahSeif allows you to hit two birds with one stone - care for your baby, and care for the tasks you need to finish. When mom and dad is happy and in control, parenting becomes a happy experience.

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The LullaCord is a handy baby monitor that helps bring back time in the hands of new parents. Being a new parent can mean staying with the baby all the time to keep them safe and away from danger. However, if you need to do some chores, you need an extra sense of assurance that your baby will be safe. This is what LullaCord provides to parents who want to keep their baby safe and secured all the time.

This baby monitor can connect up to two cameras - you can integrate the nursery and toy room cameras if you can. The camera comes with a rotatable feature and a temperature detection technology. You can also talk to the baby even if you’re in the other room with the two-talk feature. Play a lullaby from a distance and detect even the slightest movement with the VOX feature.

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In a perfect world, you would have your kid seated on your lap, or settled on your back while you do your chores. In a real world though, having your baby with you while you do other things can be unwise and dangerous. If you need to do urgent tasks without skipping and ensuring your baby’s safety, you can use one of the favorite baby monitors in the market - the BambiCam.

What we love about the Bambicam is its unparalleled stability and wide-range reach. It works well within a 200-meter range so you can monitor your baby wherever they are. The device allows you to talk and communicate with your baby whatever you do. You can connect a total of 4 cameras to the device.

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This high-precision baby monitor features a 1080 FHD video that records the clearest, sharpest visuals of your baby’s activity. It includes an ultra-sensitive motion sensor that sends signals once movement in your baby’s room is detected. The NeoTech baby monitor set also comes with a 2-way audio output which allows baby and parents to communicate with each other. Baby will feel comforted even if they’re in the other room.

NeoTech records the images it captures and stores them in the Cloud. This baby monitor is compatible with Wi-Fi, remote-control ready, and includes a high-quality night vision setting that makes it possible for parents to see their little bub clearly even if the lights are off.

The NeoTech brings a whole new meaning to “peace of mind” for parents!

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The standout feature of the InfaScan is its ability to transmit sound and video at an uninterrupted quality. The 2.4GHz transmission feature makes the images and sounds clear and smooth so parents will get a real time idea on what the baby is currently doing. The InfaScan also comes with a two-way communication feature - you can hear your baby, and you can talk to your baby.

What impressed us about InfaScan is its temperature sensor. If your baby is having a fever, you’ll have confidence that you still would know how they’re feeling even if they’re in the nursery. The InfaScan also comes with a music player with can lull your baby to sleep with soothing tunes. The baby monitor also enables multi-angle monitoring so you can keep an eye on your baby no matter where they are!

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The Conclusion

Work from home set up is the trend right now, making parents more busy and exhausted. If you are a working mother with a newborn child, the tasks at hand can be taxing and wearing - having a pair of “extra eyes” that will allow you to work AND monitor your baby at the same time can be a huge help.

Finish your task without compromising your baby’s safety with these highly-rated baby monitors.

With these baby monitors, your child will not feel neglected and alone. Even if you’re in the other room, the baby will still feel you’re watching over him, talking to him, and connecting to him. Now, isn’t the best invention for busy parents out there?