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The 3 Best Orthopedic Knee Pillows For Sciatica And Back Pain Relief

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 9th, 2022

What Every Side Sleeper Needs Right Now

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is never the best way to start your day. You’ll end up feeling stressed, anxious, and troubled as you carry out daily tasks. 

What’s worse? You have to deal with back, leg, hip, or sciatic nerve pains and not getting enough sleep!

If you find that sleeping on your side is the most comfortable position and helps you get your zzz’s, then you’re going to need proper support to keep your body aligned through the night.

Because your top leg drops in front of you, it puts pressure on your back, twists your hip joints, and causes pain as your knees touch. The endless cycle of waking up to back pains and simply heading off to bed after stretching or a massage is not the way to go.

The best time to treat back pain is when off to dreamland, and the muscles and ligaments in your back are the most relaxed. Sleep encourages healing, but you’ll need an orthopedic knee pillow or two to make it work.

No worries. We’ve got your back!

Here are the three orthopedic knee pillows under $50 to effectively relieve body aches and pains while you sleep. We go through each of their features and health benefits to help you find your new best bedmate, so you always wake up on the right side of the bed!

Our top recommendation would have to be the ComfiLuna. This orthopedic knee pillow is ergonomically designed for the ideal spinal alignment while providing a comfortable cushion between your legs as you sleep. 

You'll get to experience reduced sciatica, lower back, hip, and joint pains. On top of that, it helps stimulate blood circulation throughout your lower body to prevent muscle soreness and tension. 

It's made from premium quality memory foam and comes in a mashine-washable cover with the perfect contour for complete support. What makes this stand out from the others, apart from its unique shape, is that one is enough to get the job done. 

If you are a certified side sleeper, the sleep therapist-recommended ComfiLuna Orthopedic Knee Pillow is the one for you. You're guaranteed to feel great every morning so you can perform at your best!

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Enjoy hip-to-toe support when you snuggle up every night with the SNOOZE Sleep Fix Knee Pillow with Memory Foam.

It offers ideal body alignment support, as well as sciatica, back, and hip pain relief. The SNOOZE Sleep Fix has a durable-cut memory foam with ventilated air holes and an easy-to-clean cover. 

The ergonomically crescent patented design is curved to comfortably fits the pelvic region for men and women. It allows you to sleep in any position and move freely without worrying about waking up to sore muscles and joints. 

It’s also highly recommended that you use one SNOOZE Sleep Fix Knee Pillow in between your upper thighs and knees and another one under your calves to support your ankles. 

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Now, you can have knee support, but the last thing you want is to wake up in the middle of the night with sweaty legs. 

The Dream Supreme has ventilated memory foam that allows air to circulate for a cooler night's sleep. All thanks to its innovative temperature-regulating foam technology. 

It's also the only pillow that supports both your knees and legs to improve sleeping alignment, reduce pressure, and eliminate the discomfort caused by poor sleeping posture. This orthopedic leg and knee pillow is suitable for both men and women and comes with a removable, machine-washable cover. 

The unique heart shape will conform with your body, so expect no movement restrictions as you toss and turn, as well as healthy blood circulation all night long. 

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You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, but not to worry. These three orthopedic knee pillows come with an affordable price tag!

This listicle aims to provide the best sleeping support to help you rest well and comfortably while making sure your body is properly aligned to reduce sciatica, back, and hip pains, as well as muscle and joint tensions.