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4 Best Lumbar Pillow to Buy For 2022’s Heavy Slouchers

Diane Woods, Contributor

Updated: Dec 8th, 2022

Whether you’re working on your laptop or driving your car, you’ve probably slouched enough to feel pain in your entire body and lower back, especially without proper lumbar support. Lumbar pillows are a time-tested solution to prevent this from happening but finding the PERFECT product that fits your needs could be challenging. Not all lumbar pillows are created equally—some may come with less cushion while others are not comfortable enough to stay on for long hours. So to save yourself from the pain of searching for what’s best for your fragile back, we’ve teamed up with experts and hyperenthusiastic reviewers to determine their 4 MOST FAVORITE LUMBAR PILLOW. Your comfort is here—from high-density memory foam to breathable covers to customizable support. 

So read along. 

The worst case of experiencing lower back pain is difficulty sleeping. And if you’re tired of counting sheep while moaning about the discomfort you feel on your back, then the ThreXcline is the perfect solution for you. This lumbar pillow uses the patented Buckwheat Hulls that prop your lumbar area and deliver remarkable support. The design of the ThreXcline also focuses on enhanced airflow and durability so that you can acquire your ideal comfort anytime, anywhere.

That’s not all. The ThreXcline uses high-density cotton and breathable mesh linen to ensure the pillow maintains its shape and keeps the right bounce whenever in use. This design is excellent for restoring your posture and relieving progressive pain relief. And no matter how you twist and turn while sleeping, the ThreXcline provides a cushioned peripheral support so that you can maintain your neutral position.

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Make your quality time at home even more comfy with this Lumbix Pro Lumbar Pillow. This all-in-one back supporter stands large with about 29.5 x 15.7 x 15.7 inches dimension—bigger than standard lumbar pillows. And its size is what makes it an extraordinary back supporter.

Here’s what you get if you decide to get the Lumbix Pro: a shoulder and armrest, side pockets, headrest, and a long-size, high-quality soft fabric filling that feels like warm hugs. It’s the ultimate lumbar pillow that takes your relaxation and healing up a notch—whether you’re watching TV, reading a book, or easing out the pressure on your lower back. And to make it even more comfortable, the Lumbix Pro uses an eco-friendly, skin-friendly cotton linen cover that feels soft and gentle on the skin. 

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Does routine office work cause your back pain? Here’s a lumbar pillow that can effectively relieve pain and maintain your healthy posture. The AnxLite is built with an ergonomic and contoured structure that follows your body’s natural curve. And when in use, it never flattens out and retains its density—thanks to its high-density, thick, and durable memory foam.

What makes the AnxLite the perfect office chair back supporter is the adjustable strap that puts the pillow in place and securely tightens it, so it won’t move around no matter how long you sit or stay in the office. Further, the breathable cover adds to the overall comfort the AnxLite brings to your back. It’s suitable for all-season, giving you that feel-good moment whenever you lay your back to rest on your office chair.

Overall, the AnxLite is a pretty decent lumbar pillow designed for those long hours at work. It’s compatible with most types of chairs, including wheelchairs.

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If sitting for long hours has become too uncomfortable for you to tolerate, the Back-Go-Go is the perfect partner designed to give you that necessary lifting. This lumbar pillow comes with a high backrest design that supports your lower and upper back, including your neck and shoulders, for all-day comfort. It’s made with high-quality foam molds that retain the pillow’s density regardless of how long you lay your back on. Further, its contoured and ergonomic design promotes good posture and proper spine alignment. 

The Back-Go-Go is highly versatile for all your sitting arrangements. Whether you’re driving, nursing an injury, or sitting long hours at work, it’s capable of providing you with comfort and relief. It’s even highly recommended for pregnant women to use to relieve some of the pressure caused by their growing baby bump. And it’s 100% safe and follows an orthopedics curve design, so you know your ideal comfort is achieved.

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The Conclusion

Lumbar pillows are a lifesaver for people like you who have been dealing with back pain for quite some time. But to reap all the benefits of this innovative product, it’s essential to opt for products with proven results. Out of all the tested products, these 4 lumbar pillows we highlighted passed our experts and reviewers’ criteria. It delivered the best comfort, the best relief, and the best value.