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Top 3 Best Back Stretchers for Lumbar Support, Back Pain, and Yoga in 2022

Diane Woods, Contributor​ Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Back stretchers are an affordable and effective device that releases the pressure and tension off your body without the common, sky-high prices associated with bringing relief to the back. These ultra-convenient devices can be easily used at home to stretch out your back and relieve it from frustrating back pain caused by disc issues, posture pressure, and back problems. 

The back stretcher has become such a popular product for back pain relief that it now comes with various designs, sizes, and materials - some back stretchers are adjustable into multiple levels, while some offer solid back support for stable use. 

If you consider a back stretcher for your current back issues and you’re looking for the best one to buy, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring the top 3 most trusted back stretchers in 2022. 

What to Look for in Back Stretchers

Not all back stretchers are created equal. In fact, its variety is what makes back stretchers such an effective device. We want to make sure we only feature the best picks - the one trusted by experts! To help us narrow down our choices, we asked the help and suggestions of chiropractors, ortho doctors, and physical therapists for the best back stretchers they trust. 

Out of their suggestions, we were able to craft a short list of things to remember when buying back stretchers this 2021. 

It Should Fit Your Needs

You might be tempted to get back stretchers with a great design, but here’s a little caveat - not all stunning designs serve the purpose. When scanning the web for a quality back stretching device, take note of what you need. Do you need solely to help you keep a great posture? Is it only for yoga purposes? Do you want to relieve pain? Asking these questions can help you pick the right choice. 

It Should Be Multipurpose

If you don’t have a very specific need but are just looking for a device that can address multiple back issues, it’s always suggested to find a back stretcher that is multipurpose. 

It Should be Safe

The back stretcher should come with a certified-safe design to ensure you won’t add another injury to your back. 

It Should be Durable

Check the material for your back support device. It should be durable enough for your weight and activities. 

Out of all the back stretchers we reviewed, these are the top products that stood out. 

Is your posture causing you to deal with backaches, shoulder pain, and waist pain? Do you want to find a device that can help you achieve the right posture even if you’re doing something? Our top pick is the YvnaLieve back massager and stretcher. 

YvnaLieve’s design is evidently meant for spine and posture relief. It comes with a stable rubber material in the middle to relieve the spine from pressure that causes back pain. On both sides of the center, you will find a back stretcher that can be adjusted for up to 3 levels. 

The YvnaLieve includes pressure buttons to target different pressure points on the back triggered by overuse and bad posture. 

This device allows you also to practice good back position even while you’re working on a desk, driving, or laying down. Achieving a great position of the back can eliminate multiple pains. 

You can also use the YvnaLieve to assist you on activities that require you to stretch your back including yoga, pilates, and stretching exercises. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Is your back pain starting to be too much of a burden you consider getting a chiropractic session? Well, we found a device that does just the trick without making you break the bank. We recommend the OrthoGear. 

The OrthoGear is a stand out product for releasing spinal tension that causes back pain, back strain, and all-day discomfort. When we reviewed this product, we were impressed at how quickly it targets pressure points. We discovered that with its magnetic points, the device can alleviate any lumbar stress. 

With continual use, we noticed that the OrthoGear can correct bad posture, decompress an overused spine, restore the natural curves of the back, improve flexibility in the waist and the shoulders, and make back muscles less stiff. 

Experts and therapists also told us that they use the OrthoGear to relieve pain due to Herniated Discs, Bulging Discs, Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, and Pinched Nerves. 

Imagine the bucks you save from getting a chiropractic-like session at home! 

The portable, lightweight design of the OrthoGear makes it an ideal device for travelers and people on-the-go. 

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"Very Good"

Is your back taking the load of work pressure and hours and hours in front of the computer? Are you looking for an uber-comfortable, effective back stretcher that can cater to all your pain relief needs for your back? We recommend the LumVex. 

Unlike regular back stretchers, LumVex has an additional cushion to make the back support more comfortable. 

The additional cushion support prevents the stretcher from adding pain or pressure to your back. When not used as a back stretcher, it can be utilized as a chair cushion for better posture, or a car cushion to keep your back in great position even while you’re driving. 

This device is also for those who are experiencing pain from herniated disc, sciatic nerve, and spinal stenosis. The memory foam keeps your back well-supported so you won’t strain any muscle in the process of healing your back. 

You can also use the LumVex for yoga, pilates, and stretching exercises. The LumVex can also be a muscle stretcher to help cool you down after a strenuous workout. 

Best for everyday use! 

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The Conclusion

Back pain might feel terrible, but you don’t have to deal with it forever. You also don’t need to slash some bucks off your account to feel relief. The back stretchers we recommend are guaranteed to give you back comfort and relief that’s within your reach and within your budget.