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The Top 3 Back Brace and Back Support Belts For Pain Relief and Injury Prevention

David Jones, Contributor Updated: July 15th, 2022

Back pain is unrelenting - it stops us from functioning at our best. 

The good news is that there are back braces and back support belts that reduce common back problems. Strapping them on gives you your life of action back. 

The best back braces even reduce your chances of getting excruciating back pain. 

However, the big question remains: what makes a back brace or back support belt great? How can you be sure you’re putting your money on a product that delivers? 

This question is what our team of physical therapists, athletes, flight attendants, and folks experiencing back issues wanted to answer. 

We put up to 20 back pain products to the test for two weeks. Out of those 20, only three stood out. 

Learn more about our highly-recommended products here. Read on. 

How We Decided

Our team knows what back belts are disappointing, so we were already sure what to look for. 

For each product that came our way, we made sure to check for the following criteria: 

  • Overall back support
  • How tight the fit is and if they can prevent skidding 
  • If they’re useful for both injury prevention and healing
  • How they feel when worn
  • If they can be worn for multiple purposes by different people
  • If they can be cleaned easily

Out of all the products we reviewed, these three stood out. 

“I have terrible back pain so I was really looking for a back brace that can give amazing support for the back. When reviewing the products, I was really impressed with the Maxback with how durable its support is. It’s as if my back is held; the pain disappeared almost immediately.” - Suzy, Office Worker

If you’re looking for a back brace and back support belt that supports the right areas of your mid and lower back and lumbar area, we recommend the MaxBack. 

Support is evident in the design of MaxBack. We did feel during the review that the 4 memory aluminum stays held up our back area well. We automatically felt the pressure lifted off our backs. 

We had this back support belt on when we tried lifting heavy weights. The 2 steel springs - despite the laborious efforts we were doing - held on firmly to our lumbar region. The solid grip gave overall great support to our backs. 

The elastic straps are adjustable and can fit small to double extra large. The band comes with 16-hole mesh - we truly felt the improvement in breathability. 

The velcro strap for this back support belt has an impressive grip - even if you move, you won’t have to worry about the belt moving or folding. 

The multipurpose design makes the MaxBack a great back support tool for fitness buffs, people who are required to lift heavy objects at work, the elderly who want to prevent injuries from happening, and those recovering from back injuries.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




“What I can’t stand about back concerns is the excruciating pain. When I found out that XmexoRyt has heating pads for pain relief, I was excited. After trying it out and noticing that my pain levels around my back has lowered, I was sold. I am a big fan of this product!” - Miguel, Taekwondo Trainer

XmexoRyt throws in an extra feature for pain relief - heat pads! 

We noticed how the heat pads lowered pain levels by up to 50%. This added feature comes in handy if putting on a back brace is excruciating for your injured, overused back. 

The pads come with tourmaline pads which prompt heat therapy. After 30 minutes of use, you will experience less inflammation and stiffness. 

A topnotch feature of the XmexoRyt is its contoured steel lumbosacral support. When we put the back brace on, we felt that the back support belt targeted and supported the entire area. You can instantly feel your back being relieved from the pressure after just a minute or 2. 

The steel stays plus the double side splints offer a firm support. Despite our movement, the back brace stayed in place. We did not experience any rolling, skidding sensations while wearing the back support belt. 

The XmexoRyt has high strength, durable material, with a breathable mesh structure, allowing air to circulate, keeping you cool and sweat-free, even after hours of wearing.

Key Features



"Very Great"

“My job requires me to carry loads of heavy boxes. When I strapped the LumbaGrid on, it was instant confidence. I was sure my back was protected from any extreme pressure!” - Joel, Fruit Picker

We love the LumbaGride because it has a delicate balance between comfort and support. 

Out of all the back braces we’ve tried, LumbaGrid features the firmest support out of all the options. The LumbaGrid - with its four aluminum stays and two firm steel springs - offers not just partial but 360-degree back support. It’s easy to feel relief in your mid, lower back, and lumbar region. 

We love the stretchable straps because they have an excellent grip. If you feel like adjusting the size to get the best back support, you can really do it with the LumbaGrid’s design. 

Comfort is not an issue with this product. The mesh fabric can make one feel like they’re not wearing any support band. The velvet lining is a favorite of the majority because it does not feel itchy, sticky, or hot. 

The velco straps of the LumbaGride come with a better quality. Now, the grip is phenomenal. You can run, sit down, lie down, and move without worrying that your back brace will roll down or will skid away from the crucial spots. 

Great for everyday use, and for special circumstances at work where you will be needing extra support to protect your back, or prevent injuries from worsening. 

Key Features



"Very Good"

The Rundown

Don’t endure back pain - find relief fast so you won’t risk yourself getting more injuries or go through excruciating pain due to lack of back support. 

If you are looking for the best back braces and back support belts to buy in 2022, check out our list above. Reviewed by actual physical therapists and those who rely on back braces every day, we can assure you that each product featured here won’t let you down.