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Review: The Top 3 Best At Home Red Light Therapy Devices for the Best Infrared Healing Results! (Reviewed by Experts)

Diane Woods Updated: Jul 23rd, 2024

Imagine having a handy device that can help with your healing and pain relief at home? Red light therapy devices are now a big hit in the health and wellness department because they make pain relief accessible. 

If you’re also looking for a red light lamp, belt, or wand and want to ensure you only get the best, you have come to the right place. 

In his review, we asked the help of health and wellness experts to pick out three of the most reliable infrared light lamps and devices among the most popular ones in the market. 

Read on for our top recommendations. 

How We Decided and What to Look for in a Red Light Therapy Device

A team of health and wellness experts dedicated in finding pain-relieving devices meticulously checked each popular red light product to determine if they’re worth a spot on this list. 

After reviewing more than twenty red light therapy devices, we came up with the five essential features you should look for when buying a red light therapy product. 

First, the number of red light bulbs. 

In red light therapy, light is everything! The LED bulbs should be enough to cover a significant area and provide enough intensity to enable the user to feel relief. 

Second, different wavelength options. 

The red light device should also be able to address both common pains and deep muscle sores. 

Third, authenticity. 

Any product can claim to be authentic and use fake red LED lamps. You can be assured the products we choose here are guaranteed authentic. 

Fourth, safety. 

A risky red light lamp can overheat or cause accidental burns. We made sure to find the red light devices that come with anti-overheating sensors and temperature controls that will stop accidental burns from happening. 

Fifth, convenience. 

Apart from ease of use, the lamp or wands or belts should be convenient to bring anywhere. 

Out of all the products we reviewed, these red light therapy devices stood out. 

If you’re looking for both convenience and efficiency, our top recommendation is the BrytHeal.

The BrytHeal red light therapy wand comes with an ultra-convenient design. The wand weighs less than a pound, so it’s a breeze to carry in your bag if you want to make healing from pain accessible.

This red light wand comes with a total of 17 high-intensity red light LED and infrared bulbs.

14 of these bulbs produce the 660nm wavelength - an intensity meant for addressing surface-level pain and discomfort.

The remaining three bulbs are 880nm infrared bulbs meant for deeper muscle issues.

Both varieties of bulbs deliver equal intensity all throughout the lamp, bring out adequate heat therapy, and distributed evenly.

What we love about the BrytHeal is its wireless design which makes it an all-around red light therapy wand. You can use it on your face, legs, arms, back, waist, and even feet.

What also won us over is BrytHeal’s safety guarantee. When we tested it, there was no overheating or sharp heat pain. It’s so safe – we even tested it on pets and there was no negative reaction!

You can choose from levels one to five when it comes to intensity. You can also enjoy the infrared benefits in intervals of 5/10/15/20.

If you want immediate relief wherever you are, nothing in this list beats BrytHeal when it comes to convenience and fast-healing benefits.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Our first impression of the BlizRed is this: having it feels like you are transforming your room into a wellness spa.

The BlizRed red light therapy lamp comes with 18 LED red light bulbs. Intensity and heat-wise, we can say that the BlizRed qualifies. Although the heat takes a few seconds to build up, the lamp retains the heat level for the rest of the session.

You can choose from two wavelength options - 660nm and 880nm. What we noticed about its 880nm light is it targets the pain more intensely than the other products we reviewed. You won’t see much light as the 880nm light is invisible but you can feel the deep tissue penetration.

The BlizRed’s saucer head design is another win. The design allows wider red light coverage so more muscles can be targeted.

By simply adjusting your distance from the lamp, you can experience different types of intensity.

The BlizRed is said to speed up muscle healing by 65%.

What we love about the BlizRed is it allows hands-free sessions. You can simply lie down and let the lamp do the work.

This red light therapy lamp is great for the face, legs, chest, tummy area, back, waist, and glutes. With its wide coverage, you can enjoy more healing in more parts of your body.

Key Features



"Very Great"

If you want a more targeted red light therapy session, we recommend the InfraBelt.

The InfraBelt comes with 105 LED light bands with 3 LED red lights each. From one belt, you can get 315 LED bulbs.

With a great amount of red lights, you can experience a more intense red light therapy session. We checked for overheating and burning heat and we’re confident to say we did not find any of these risks.

The maximum heat for this belt is only at 45degrees C, and this one’s also adjustable.

Apart from soothing LED light therapy, you can also enjoy flab loss because the InfraBelt comes with a LipoLaser feature that promotes fat loss in different areas.

You can choose from five different brightness levels. The infrared belt also includes a timer that you can adjust from zero to thirty minutes.

There are two wavelength options for this belt – the 635nm and 850nm. One can go for 635nm for everyday pains. The 850nm wavelength is designed for deep-seated muscle aches and pains.

We love how the velcro and the band of this belt makes it firmly stay in place while you’re enjoying the heat therapy.

The band is sweatproof and oilproof. Even if you’re experiencing a heated therapy, the sweat and oil won’t make the band go loose.

You can use this on your waist, abdomen, arms, feet, neck. The band is totally adjustable.

Key Features



"Very Good"


Having a personal red light therapy device means you can always access relief for muscle and joint pain wherever you are. 

For red light therapy devices that won’t let you down, you can check out our recommendations above. Trusted by health and wellness experts, you can be assured that investing in one of our top three picks will bring loads of benefits!