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Review: The Top 4 Best Electric Breast Pumps to Help Moms Make Milk Magic

Diane Woods Updated: Jun 14th, 2024

Moms, your search for the best breast pumps to buy in 2023 is here - in this review, we combined our expertise with real, breastfeeding moms to help us place the golden ribbons to the best, brightest, most convenient, most efficient and effective breast pumps in the market today. 

We Get The Struggle

Whoever said choosing breast pumps is an easy feat should check again - with all the options available online, finding one that suits you and your pumping needs can be a challenge. 

We know - we can only count the moms who were 100% satisfied with their breast pumping machine at first purchase. 

And can you imagine how hassle and expensive it is to buy something that will not only fail at making your produce milk, but also cause pain? 

As a team of moms, we are eager to help new moms and breastfeeding mothers through providing the finest choices of breast pumps. 

With the help of actual mothers, we put 18 breast pumps to the test. For two weeks, we looked for the following factors in each breastfeeding machine: 


Pumping is already a challenging task for you, moms. Imagine if you also have to deal with wires, and multiple parts to clean! This is why in this review, we only feature the most convenient breast pumps to use. You deserve a break, momma. 

Quality of Pump

The best breast pumps can mimic the suck of a baby. This feature ensures the pump quality can extract more milk without the pain. We found this in the products we are going to feature here. 

Milk-Stimulating Capacity

Breastfeeding pumps for new moms that come with massage and pumping modes that increase milk production made it on top of our list. 

Seal Quality

A great seal is the secret to pain-free pumping. We got you, momma. We only included the painless breast pumps here! 


We want the pump to be safe not only for mom but for the baby as well. All the breast pumps listed here are toxin-free and BPA-free. 

Out of all the breast pumps we reviewed, these four products stood out. 

MiiPuump got an overall 90% rating from moms and our review team, thus, owning this top spot! 

Moms love how this tubeless breast pump makes easy the thing that moms do best - multitasking. This electric breast pump for office, home, and travel comes with a topnotch seal that makes it easy to move around while you pump. Thanks to its tubeless design, you won’t have to deal with complicated, restrictive wires anymore. 

Breastfeeding mommas can choose from 2 pump modes - one for stimulating the milk glands, and another for getting milk out. This electric breastfeeding pump also features 5 intensity modes that can easily be adjusted based on your comfort levels and milk pumping needs. The machine allows moms to find their own rhythm that can eventually produce a higher volume of milk. 

The seal for this breastpump is 5 stars. Some moms put its suction to the test by doing chores while pumping, and it stayed all throughout. Definitely a hot pick if you’re a mom-on-the-go. 

Another thing we love about the MiiPuump is how noise-free it is. It only creates 55-decibel sounds - it’s 100% safe to use even while the baby is asleep. No more intimidating sound that might scare your little bub! 

This breast pump is non-toxin, and BPA-free. You can be assured that everything your baby takes in won’t include harmful chemicals. 

For moms who want to make a switch to flexible breast pumps that don’t hinder your movement, we recommend the MiiPuump electric tubeless breast pump. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




This breast pump is for the moms who believe in dual pump supremacy! 

If you are the mom who wants to get your milk fast, or you want to bring your milk supply up, and you don’t want to waste any time, we recommend the MumPro. 

The MumPro is designed to be used simultaneously. You can use both pumping suctions and the machine will provide uniform pumping action according to your desired massage mode and intensity. 

Speaking of which, you can choose up to 8 intensities for the two massage modes available in the MumPro. 

For moms who want to ensure that baby’s milk is bacteria-free, the MumPro will give you extra peace of mind. The MumPro includes a silicone diaphragm that accurately separates milk from air-borne bacteria and contaminants. 

Using this pump is 100% pain-free as it uses soft-silicone cushion to create a suction that will extract the milk without causing any tightness or discomfort. 

This is so convenient to use; it’s also lightweight, durable, and handy - perfect for traveling, for commuting, for office use, and for stay-at-home pumping moments. 

Key Features



"Very Great"

Rated as the most complete, most convenient breast pump by moms and reviewers, this breastfeeding pump set combines ease of use, safety, and quality. 

The all-in-one breast pump set comes with two quality pumps, two BPA-free, PP, non-toxic bottles, and a milk storage. 

Pump-wise, the CooBoo features 3 modes - one for extracting milk, one for eliminating discomfort, and one for stimulating the breast glands to amp up milk production. 

The CooBoo also comes with a petal massage - an effective massage against engorgement. If you always find yourself with painfully, engorged moments in breastfeeding, this is the breast bump for you. 

To prevent bacteria and contaminants from accidentally getting mixed up onto your breast milk, the CooBoo designed an anti backflow feature so you can be assured no harmful substances go inside your baby. 

A lot of moms also expressed how the tubeless design of the CooBoo won them over. During the review, moms who are prone to moving around can’t get enough of the CooBoo. This is made possible through the powerful suction of the breast pump. It’s so secured, you won’t have to worry about your pump spilling the milk even while you’re walking or doing tasks. 

With its noise-free design, the CooBoo is also safe to use even while your baby is sleeping! 

If you’re looking for convenience, and pumps that don’t skimp on quality and safety, we highly recommend the CooBoo! 

Key Features



"Very Good"

Whether you’re looking for a breast pump you can easily insert in your bags, or a mini portable breastfeeding pump that is easier to use than traditional options, we recommend the LilloLil. 

The LilloLil electric breast pump allows you to pump anytime and anywhere. Moms and the review teams love how handy and portable it is - you can conveniently carry it in a tote bag. 

If you value discreet pumping especially when you’re in public, our top bet is the LilloLil. Its smaller design is easy to hide underneath your top. 

Despite its size, the LilloLil comes with an ultra strong suction - it's enough to help you produce 5 oz in one go. Even while you work, or travel, you can be assured that the pump won’t accidentally spill our your precious milk - the suction is strong like glue. This impressive suction prowess also significantly minimizes the pain around the areola. 

Small this pump may be, but it’s most certainly not weak. It comes with up to 9 intensities that can reach up to 350mmhg! That’s like the strength of a bulky, old-school breast pump. 

This pump is battery powered. The batteries last long enough that when you charge them fully, you can get up to 120 minutes of pumping function. 

Milk is made extra safe thanks to the no-spill, no leak, no backflow design of the LilloLil. 

Don’t underestimate the mini size of this electric breast pump - it’s as impressive as the big ones. 

Key Features





Pushing for breastfeeding is one of the best and most noble choices you can make as a mom. But making this choice should not mean you have to endure all the pain and discomfort of producing your own milk. A breast pump is a mom’s partner to raising healthy babies - this is the reason why we only included the best breastfeeding pumps on our list. Each pick will never disappoint you.